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Homework Week 3   
















Extra Photos turned into water-colour effects

Venice 1 original


Venice Painted Effect 

 Venice 2

This is the photo I used in the previous lesson to make a stamp 


Venice 3 water colour effect 

Water colour Venice 4

Venice 5


Venice 6



This was quite enjoyable lesson. I did refer to Janne䵴orials for more info.  For filter gallery and all other exercises (except portrait painting) I have used my photos which I took on our visit to Venice . This place has real charm and plenty of photo opportunities.

Hoe I painted mahendrapaint 3 A ,B & C:

(1): I made 3 duplicate layers as suggested

(2): Used Dab style for 3 A & Tight short for 3B

(3): Painted bottom layer with soft brush size 23 for both images A & B

(4): Then changed brushes; used Fuzzbell 192 for 3 A & Star brush size 70 for  B image

(5); Blending mode to overlay (tried others as Janne suggested, but this was better!

(6): Used brush size 65  & soft light for both A & B

(7): Made canvas to sandwich 3 A with texturizer. For 3B  I did NOT use canvas to sandwich.

Image 3C; my portrait 毬lowed Janneവt. On her own site- Where she painted her husband Michael튰ortrait.


I thought perhaps I would share info. on how I turned  picture of Venice colourful houses and gondolas in the front with reflection in water in to painting effect:

I learned this from Digital Photo Magazine Tutorial:

(1): Find the Edges: Copy background layer TWICE by dragging to make new layer icon. This gives 3 layers in the stack. Click top layer>filter>Stylize>find edges.

Then hit cntrl+shift+u to make photo to monocolour.

(2): To create the art effect: Open Layer palette (Cntrl+L) Move black & white point sliders  to give good line art effect- to make it look like a sketch in black ink.

(3): Run the Dry Brush Filter: Click & put top layer (which is now monocolour) in multiply mode- this will blend with the layer underneath (middle layer). Now click middle layer to activate it. Then go to Filter>artistic>dry brush. I used settings 10, 2 & 3- Click OK.

(4): Final Step: A djust the paint effect:

Click the adj. layer icon in the layers palette& select levels from the list. Move the middle slider to left or right to brighten or darken the paint effect and give the look you are after. Click OK & you are done!

I also used this method on the last photo-water colour copy.