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Photoshop CS  5

Homework Week:3


I enjoyed this lesson, Sara.  "Content aware fill" alone is worth the CS5 upgrade. Previously I have used

 "Image Doctor" for cloning & filling in;  when I did Sonja's "Filter Frenzy" course & I bought the software but in Photoshop CS 5 you can not use it , also with new features of CS5 one does not need it at all!

I was a bit nervous regarding painting, but have attempted what I could.  One thing you are right about 

 on page 29 under heading Wet: with the default setting 50%  nothing was painted till I changed it to 0% (as you say), before any colour will show up on the canvas! So I think it is worth changing to low numbers to start with.


Content Aware Fill:


Original Photo


After Content Aware Fill:

BTW, I use backspace (PC) or delete (Mac)  after selection to use this Content Aware Tool.



Painting with Mixer Brushes


I had to search hard to find an image which had only very few elements to paint as I am no good as a painter!!


Baby Oranges

Baby Oranges, Original Photo


During painting: Screenshot


Final Result:



Please note, I have only painted 2 oranges and 3 top leaves, not the background

or the bottom two leaves!!