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Homework Week:5


My Gradient:


Applied as a Radial Fill Layer

As Fill Layer


 I have here couple of images where gradient is applied:

Applied to Easter Eggs


Made Birthday card with Balloons & Gradient applied



Rather than applying gradient as a background, I chose to add a person to an image:

Here is an image of my neighbours when they visited Taj Mahal, Verna took  photo of her husband Frank in front of Taj Mahal

but she was not in the photo, so I extracted her from another photo and added her in to Frank's photo.

I hope it works!


Frank on his own


Added Verna's image

Extracted from her group photo


Here is a photo of my wife in front of Dubai Museum when we were visiting my brother, he took this photo but my wife closed her eyes

due to flash so I "extracted her head" from another photo of both of us and did "head transplant".

Original with eyes closed

Head "Transplant"

Head extracted from our photo


Red Eye Removal;

Here is a photo of my son & his girlfriend with red eye:


Red eye gone!



Here is red eye removal in animal:


 That's all for this week.