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Sara taught us  Print & Web modules this week.  I feel  LR  Print setup is better than in Photoshop. You can easily arrange photo in a template with space underneath to write title etc.


Web module gave lot of details regarding various types of web galleries with links so one can actually see & get the feel of it.

 My website was designed by my son and I had no idea regarding so many setups & choices.

However I now know that my gallery is called Airtight Simple Viewer which is a Flash-based gallery. I am quite happy with it as I have learnt how to upload photos in my web galleries.


Here is the link if you would like to see it:




I herewith also post grab shots of  HTML  & Simple viewer exercises.





Thanks for super lessons Sara and wishing you & your family and all my fellow students

Very Happy Christmas


 Very Happy & Healthy New Year.


















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