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This week Sara taught us about how to improve photos with tone curve. Also we were given link to excellent videos explaining this.

The main difference between Photoshop Curves & Lightroom Tone curve is that in Photoshop you can use the curve in any directions and to the extreme (which might be helpful in some cases)  but Lightroom seems to have a "Safety Valve",  as very well explained in Matt Kloskowski's video and you are highly unlikely to do the extreme and ruin the photo.

Here is my attempt at the homework.



Jim will recall this 1st photo taken in Scotland on Mike Cargill's course.


Original- Before tone curve




After "S Shaped" Tone Curve Applied.





2nd Photo again, Jim you will recall was given by Ron on his Photoshop Course.

Robin under-exposed


 S" Tone-Curve" applied





Next was lesson about Split-toning. I converted following photo of  Derwent water to  Greyscale  before Appling split tone to convert to "near sepia" effect.

Original in Colour photo of Derwent Bank


Converted to Greyscale

Split-Toning applied


Thanks again for Super lesson, Sara.















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