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Homework Week: 6

Photo Restoration

This week Janee asked us to restore old photo with tears, scratches, marks etc. I found this very old photo which had tears, marks and scratches. I have presented full restoration and 2 photos of cropping & vignetting of the same photo. I have also posted photo of my wife Bron's grandfather & great grandfather with marks on it and have tried to correct it. Also Bron's grandmas sepia toned old photo I have tried to brighten & old photo of my friend Frank's dad's photo again looks too dark in original & I have tried to brighten it.



Original old photo with tears, marks & scratches



Vignetting variation:1

Variation:2 Here I have kept the original tonality






Bron's grandfather & great grandfather.  Removed marks on the photo


Bron's grandma 



This photo was in a very old frame so I scanned it at 600dpi and cropped most of the very large ornate frame and I have tried to brighten it.



Frank's Dad Original & brightened version






Bron's Grandma & Grandad


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