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Homework Week : 4 

Photo Retouching

This was fun lesson, I enjoyed doing face & Head transplants!!!

To change facial expression, I did try & used liquify tool but perhaps it was not really suitable for Shabina's portrait (however I have posted it for comparison) so I resorted to Head transplant from similar photo taken at the same time. I think it works ok. For my wife Bron's photo taken when we were in Dubai Museum, her eyes are closed when I pressed the shutter so I have used two source photos taken by my colleague when we  attended conference. I have posted 2 Head transplants & one face transplant  photos. For removal of distracting background, I used photo of lion taken on a Canon Big Cat Shoot in Kent and removed the distracting background of bars etc. and generally tided the background. Hope you like it. The white-out sky photo was taken on Devil's Bridge on the way to Lake District.


Sky Before


Sky After using gradient tool

Sky transplant using layers







Source photo used to make sky gradient

Change facial expression



                                                                Shabina Before                                                            Liquefy Tool used



                                          Head transplant                                                                                                                  Source Photo



Bron Original



                                    Bron Head transplant:1                                                                                        Bron Head transplant:2


Two Source photos used are posted above






New Background




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