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Fix Your Photos A

Homework Week : 3

This week Janee asked us to work with Colour

Following three examples showed colour cast in the original which were fixed by methods taught in this lesson.

Following three photos were taken by our friends when they attended Indian Wedding in New Delhi. White balance was left on Daylight setting by mistake hence causing colour cast.



Colour cast removed using Colour Balance sliders


Colour cast removed using Shadow highlights & curves


Colour cast removed using  Colour Channels

Levels & Curves used


Original -Yellowish Teeth


Teeth whitened

Here is a photo of my son Sanjai on his "outward bound" school trip in Lake district. I have changed the colour of his coat only.

First two were changed using selection & Hue/Sat adjustment layer.






Last photo shows Colour change by Masking the Background method which I think has produced better result.




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