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Homework Week: 6


This week we learnt about Macro-Close-up photography and Flash Photography

Here is my Homework:




This moth was photographed with following settings:

Exp: Auto  Canon Macro f2.8 60mm lens



I am not very sure what this creature is, perhaps Entomologist amongst you could help!!

Exp: Auto  Canon Macro f2.8 60mm lens





This is photo of my wife taken with External flash 550EX, bounced on to the ceiling and used built in reflector,

I was trying to achieve "catch light" as described in the instruction book of 550EX,

but I do not think I have succeeded but at least there is not much of the  shadow behind as I bounced the flash off the ceiling.

1/60 @ f4, Auto, Portrait mode, ISO:400, 80mm. External Flash 550EX fired.


This photo was  taken engaging "Night portrait mode" on my EOS 350D in Tenerife

which illustrate flash illuminating subject and slow sync. speed captures a natural looking background.



Last but not least,  Ron asked us to revisit the location and subject used in first week and rephotograph it using

what  we have learnt during the course.




Original photo taken during first week

Ron advised me to crop it tightly to remove rather dull sky as the weather was quite dull.

However today it was only marginally better day  but I did use Lee Graduated ND filter & Circular polariser

to enhance the subject.


Tight cropping as suggested by Ron



Used Lee ND Grad 0.6 & Circular polariser filters


That is all for this Course!
















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