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Homework Week: 5


This week Ron taught us about Lenses & Perspective &  How focal length affects perspective

Here is my attempt at the homework:

Following photo were taken by Canon 24-105mm IS L series zoom lens

on Canon 5D camera


Taken with wide angle at 24mm.


Taken with 105mm Zoom from the same spot.



This is the enlargement of Cropped portion from wide angle photo.

This demonstrates that perspective does not change.


 Next Ron asked us to take photo of  two elements approximately 20 feet apart and try & keep

front element same size in wide angle & zoom shots.


Taken at 105mm zoom


At 60mm zoom


Taken at 24mm wide angle



Wide angle lenses are used to capture wide vista of landscape and include foreground interest.



24mm lens used to capture landscape & foreground interest


South Jetty at Amble Northumberland  with lobster pots in foreground

24 mm lens used



Zoom lenses are used for portrait  or to emphasize the elements in a photo

Three photos below were taken by Canon 100-400mm IS L series lens

on Canon 350D camera



Big Cat taken at 150mm



Taken at 265 mm





Taken at 400mm


 AV sequence of Big Cat photos  named "Born Free" is posted on my Home page on my website

The link is:


If any one wants to view it, please feel free. But be patient as it takes a while to buffer

and broadband is advised.

Thanks for looking.









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