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Homework Week:  5


Hi Everyone, I am posting this a little early as this weeks Lesson mainly relates to Infra Red Photography.

 I do not posses IR Camera and I do not have IR filter to put in front of the lens  but suddenly I found out that Silver Efex Pro

has Infra Red filter effect built it so I "had a go" with this and here are the results:



Waswater Lake District IR filter in Silver Efex Pro Software


Derelict cottage in Scotland.

Jim will recall this I hope, this is where we stopped in the lay by opposite,  to have our sandwiches

when you very kindly travelled  from your place to came to see me & Bill in Glencoe and

took us around in your car to show us photogenic places.


Famous Black Rock Cottages in Glencoe




Bolton Abbey

Buttermere Lake District

Yorkshire Sculpture Park


"Seats" Yorkshire Sculpture Park

All above were processed in Silver Efex Pro with IR Filter effect.



Now following were converted normally in Silver Efex Pro to B/W

Promenade by Anthony Caro in YS Park,

Blea- Tarn Lake District in Winter


Beach Huts, Maldives


That's all folks. I have enjoyed this course immensely and am very grateful to Al & all fellow students for their constructive criticism and encouragement.

Bye for now.