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Homework Week 6

Flash Photography

Here I have posted samples of my photos with fill in flash, forced fired flash and without flash as instructed by Ron. I have used built in flash of EOS 350( Rebel XT) in some photos and in others I used Canon 550EX External flash Flash guide No: 55 at ISO: 100


These are little orange trees grown by my wife at our home.

1/50s @ f5, Aperture priority, ISO: 200,  63mm,  No flash

1/50s @ f5, Aperture Priority, ISO: 200, 63 mm Fill-in Flash (550EX)


1/60@ f4, Auto, Portrait mode ISO:400, 60mm. Camera's Built in flash fired.

This is one of our cats, Lucy.


This is photo of my wife taken with External flash 550EX, bounced on to the ceiling and used built in reflector,

I was trying to achieve "catch light" as described in the instruction book of 550EX,

but I do not think I have succeeded but at least there is not much of the  shadow behind as I bounced the flash off the ceiling.

1/60 @ f4, Auto, Portrait mode, ISO:400, 80mm. External Flash 550EX fired.


1/25s @ f4, Aperture priority, ISO: 200, 105mm, Metering: pattern, Flash 550EX fired.

1/15s @ f5, Aperture priority, ISO: 200, 75mm, Ext. flash 550EX fired.


Following two photos were taken engaging "Night portrait mode" on my EOS 350D in Tenerife

which illustrate flash illuminating subject and slow sync. speed captures a natural looking background.

Self portrait taken by my wife.

1/20s @ f3.5, Auto. Night portrait mode, ISO:400, 28 mm Built in flash used.

This is yet another Photo of my wife which is slightly different than one posted before in week: 2

1/13s @ f3.5, Auto Night portrait mode, ISO:400, 28mm Built in flash fired.

All above photos were "as taken", and no adjustments were made in software.


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