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Homework Week: 6


In this last lesson Ron taught us how to use USM to sharpen photos  or how to recover sharpness in blurred photo caused by lens blur or motion blur by using Smart Sharpen filter.

As I had quite few photos of Bag Cats and as they were taken hand-held,  there  were quite few which needed sharpening and also few had lens or motion blur so I used these for this weeks homework.

 Results are posted below:



For following 2 photos I used  Ron's methods & settings:

Original  1920



Sharpened using USM 1920


Original HD704208

Corrected with USM & settings



Following two photos, I thought had motion blur so I used Smart sharpen filter to remove that. I hope I have been successful to some extent.



Original 2223


Smart sharpen applied with following settings:


Original 2076

Smart sharpen filter with Setting as below:


Selective Sharpening


Blurred  number plate on a car

Selective sharpening

I know it is not brilliant but I thought I will try selective sharpening using editing mask & ruby overlay.

That's all for this session, I am looking forward to follow up class by Ron soon.

I would like to thank Ron and all my fellow students for their help, encouragement & immense patience.



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