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This week Ron taught us how to correct converging verticals and how to use levels to correct under & over exposure.


Converging Verticals



Corrected by using transformation tool



Under exposed


Corrected using Levels


Over exposed


Over exposure corrected using Levels


Just to prove the point that lost highlights are not always recovered in levels, I have illustrated this in following photo which is grossly over exposed & highlights are lost. They can be recovered only to some extent in Levels  but lot more by using  ACR. Here I have posted results from level correction & in ACR.

Original with clipped Highlights

With Levels

Correction in ACR

Hence  ACR is lot better tool to recover clipped highlights.


This is "normal" photo taken with camera set on auto. Full tonal range is not utilised in this photo, so I adjusted the black & white points to use full tonal range in levels.


On Auto- photo looks quite flat.


By adjusting black & white points full tonal range is available thus improving the photo.

That's all for this week .



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