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The Photoshop Digital Darkroom

Homework Week:1


In this first lesson, Ron asked us to familiarize with Adobe Bridge in CS2/3 and organise Metadata template. I had done this in CS2 but neglected in CS3 so it prompted me to do so now. Screen shots are posted below:



In CS2:

In CS3






 I am not in a habit of changing White Balance but leave it in Auto W/B most times, as I usually shoot in Raw, I can correct it in ACR if needed.

Ron asked us to take photos in "wrong" W/B & them correct it in ACR.  I had been to Lake District at the end of last November and apart from one morning, (out of 5 days)  weather was very poor for photography with plenty of rain & dark sky. Here I have posted "as shot W/B" and corrected Custom W/B shots below which shows that despite very poor lighting  (which will normally render JPEG shots in to "bin") I have rescued few to "watch able" state.




Original as shot 1


Corrected  but still few highlights clipped.


Final result.

Original As shot 2

Corrected in ACR 2

Final result.


Just as Ron said that advantage of CS3 (over CS2) is that one can recover burnt out highlights (to some extent) even in JPEG image. Following example shows burnt out highlights recovered on tiger's head -this photo was taken in Smarden in JPEG.

Highlights burnt out

Highlights recovered.

Just to prove that it was not all "doom & gloom", I have posted 4 photos taken on 2nd morning before b'fast at 7:15 am and I am glad to say did not need any adjustment.


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