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Homework  Week: 6

Landscape and Scenic Photography

Ron asked us to post some landscapes and also to demonstrate sky with polarising filter.

Here is my selection.

The photo below was taken from rooftop restaurant of Bruj Al Arab. This shows Jumeirah Beach Hotel and marina.

Officially they do not encourage photography from the restaurant window, but after paying $15 for a cup of coffee, I felt entitled to take this one !!!!


EXIF: 1/1000sec. @f2.8 Auto. 7.1mm

EXIF: 1/1000sec. @f5.6 Auto. 7.1mm

This was taken from ground level.



EXIF: 1/15sec. @f4 Auto. 7.1mm


EXIF: 1/100sec. @f5.6 Auto. 7.1mm

Sunset in Isle of Wight

EXIF: 1/1000sec. @f5  Auto. 17.5 mm


Devil's Bridge

EXIF: 1/125sec. @f7.1 ISO: 400 . 18mm

Lake Windermere

Used Circular polariser

EXIF: 1/320sec. @f 14   ISO: 400 . 35mm

EXIF: 1/400sec. @f11 ISO: 400 . 22mm

Circular polariser filter used


EXIF: 1/320sec. @f 4.9  ISO: 400 . 21.3mm

EXIF: 1/125sec. @ f 8 ISO: 400 . 55mm


Ripley Castle

EXIF: 1/160sec. @  f8 ISO: 100 . 28mm

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