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Homework Week: 5

This week Ron asked us to post photos of our children and grandchildren, as I have no grandchildren,  I thought I will post photos of my children


Sanjai with his dog Blue at  Bolton Abbey grounds

Exif: 1/90Sec. @ f 4.5 ISO: 100  75mm

Exif: 1/125Sec. @ f 5.6 ISO: 105  75mm

Exif: 1/125Sec. @ f 5.6 ISO: 100  48 mm


Sanjai with Rosie at Home


Sanjai with Rosie

Sanjai & Nina in the park


On vacation Nina trying Dad's Beer!


At her final year at high school Nina was supposed to do "Work Experience", she chose

to work at my office with my nurse for two weeks and she enjoyed helping Maxine

Exif: 1/30Sec. @ f 2.8 ISO: 100  60 mm

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