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Homework Week :  4

This week Ron asked us to take some portraits, outdoor, indoor and candid shots. Here is my selection.

My wife Bron & my son Sanjai @ Bolton Abbey

Exif: 1/180sec. @ f 4.5  ISO:100 105mm

My daughters, Shabina & Nina @ Ripley Castle

Exif: 1/400sec. @ f 11  ISO:400 28mm   Backlighting


Exif: 1/160sec. @ f 8   ISO:100   28mm

I have removed the distracting background from next two photos:


My eldest daughter on her wedding day

Exif: 1/350sec. @ f 4.   ISO:200     31mm.


Sanjai was lying on top of the stairs on landing & I took this from bottom of the stairs


Exif: 1/200sec. @ f 7.1  ISO:400 105mm  Flash fired


Exif: 1/125sec. @ f 5.6 ISO:400 105mm Flash fired


Following two photos were taken this week on our "day trip"  on Orient Express,

fortunately,  no Hercule Poirot or Murder !!!


Bron  Inside Orient Express

Exif: 1/60sec. @ f 2.8  ISO:200  22mm


This candid shot of the guard I  took from our carriage window

Exif: 1/200sec. @ f 4. ISO:100  14.7mm


Candle light portrait indoor

Exif: 8secs. @ f 4    ISO:200  28mm    Aperture priority


Exif: 8secs. @ f 4    ISO:200  28mm    Aperture priority


Following photos were taken at Dr. Bernado's  (Dr. B) annual awards day. They train youngsters with learning disability, for Catering trade  and eventually find them employment in the community. It is a charitable organisation and I have been associated with Dr. B as my daughter Nina has Down's Syndrome. I am honoured and privileged to be asked to take photographs at their event. I would like to post these under "Capturing people category."


Visitors on the occasion

Exif: 1/60. @ f 4    ISO:400  28mm    Flash fired

Any one for Tea? Volunteer Mary serving guests

Exif: 1/60. @ f 4    ISO:200  25mm    Flash fired


Trainees serving canapés

Exif: 1/60. @ f 4.5    ISO:200  31mm    Flash fired

Trainees at work with head chef

Exif: 1/60. @ f 5    ISO:200  41mm    Flash fired


" I have done it"

Exif: 1/60. @ f 4    ISO:200  18mm    Flash fired


Nina chatting to one of the guests

Exif: 1/60. @ f 3.5    ISO:200  22mm    Flash fired


David (another trainee with Down's Syndrome) chatting to Official from Coffee Council

Exif: 1/60. @ f 5.6    ISO:200  55mm    Flash fired


Trainees receiving their Awards


Exif: 1/60. @ f 4    ISO:400  18mm    Flash fired

Exif: 1/60. @ f 5.6    ISO:400  55mm    Flash fired


Nina receiving her award

Exif: 1/60. @ f 5.6   ISO:400  49mm    Flash fired

I am very pleased to inform everyone that all these trainees are now in full time employment in Catering trade in the community

Many Thanks For Looking and for your patience.

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