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Homework Week: 1

Exposure Compensation

Here are samples of some my photos  "as shot"   and with exposure compensation:

All taken with Canon EOS 350D




As Shot f 7.1 @ 1/1000Sec. Auto mode       ISO: 400                                                                               Exposure com. +1.0 EV




 As Shot  f8 @1/125 sec. Mode Auto          ISO: 200                                                                                 Exp. Comp. +0.5 EV


As shot f8 @ 1/125 sec.        Auto mode           ISO: 200                                                                                               Exp. Comp.  + 0.5 EV


As shot f2.8 @ 1/320 sec.            Auto mode        ISO: 200                                                                                            Exp. Comp. + 1.5 EV


 Exercise in Changing Light on the subject


Here I thought I will submit photos I took on holidays in Dubai,  as I had photographed this hotel Burj at different times of the day. All photos were taken from our hotel balcony opposite. I think the changing light of the day has dramatic effect on the structure of the Hotel. Unfortunately I did not take tripod with me so the night illuminated shots are somewhat blurred and there is "noise" on last two shots.

All taken with Canon EOS D30 in Auto mode


                                                                   Taken @ 7 AM                                                                     


Taken @ mid day

At about 5 PM



At Sunset


After sunset 1


After sunset 2

At night illuminated  :1


At night illuminated :2


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