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Homework Week: 5


In this lesson Ron taught us virtues of  Digital Graduated ND Filters in Photoshop and How to create Panoramas.

Here is my attempt at Homework


       As weather has been Sunny but there were no clouds yesterday or today as mentioned by Jen, so I dived    in to my collection of images taken last year in Scotland. I was with Jim on a Landscape course

and these were taken in  Tentsmuir (by Leuchars)

As these were all taken in Raw I thought they were most suitable to illustrate the Lesson.


 Create dramatic sky with a Single Image.






Adjusted With Curves






Dual Processing in Camera Raw




Dual Processed






I thought I would also include couple of photos where

sky was made more dramatic by using Lee ND Filter on the camera itself.

I think they made pleasant photos. What do you all think?

These were taken last year in Lake District.


Drewent Bank





















Second Panorama below, was taken from the same location but in opposite direction.

These were done in PS as Photomerge . I used Perspective option which gave better result

as compared to Auto.

However it is difficult to post full-size panorama on Website.



Both above Panoramic photos were taken yesterday when there was still some snow on the hills.



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