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Basic Photography III

Homework Week: 6


Al has produced a wonderful class on HDR & Panoramas.  He & all students have been very enthusiastic

 and very helpful.

Many thanks to you all. I have learnt  a lot of new ideas and have collected lot of information from this class.


Here is my attempt at the homework. This mainly consists of all new photos taken last week which I spent in Lake District. There was snow on the mountains and mornings were freezing cold. Temp. went down up to minus 6 (actually quite warm for Al & Canadians!!)

You might recall floods of last November, this place was only about half a mile from where we stayed at Derwentbank, and local councils are still repairing roads, bridges etc so at times we had to have a de-tour to our destination.


All  HDRs are done in Photomatix  Pro. All Panoramas are done in Autostitch. 

Al; many thanks for giving info on this, it is certainly much much faster and I can stitch multiple photos very quickly & accurately PROVIDED they are in Jpeg and NOT RAW.


I have also converted one tone mapped photo of jetty to B/W but I am not sure if I have succeeded like Jen.. Her conversion has been very good.



(Taken from the jetty in the garden just behind the house we stayed in )



Ashness Bridge



Blea-Tarn Panorama


Buttermere Panorama

Reflection on way to Wasdale





Wasdale Panorama


Derwentbank Jetty




Different photo of jetty converted to B/W



This is my favourite:

Derwentbank Landing stage


Panorama of Derwentbank Landing stage:


That's all folks & many thanks for looking


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