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Homework Week: 5


Here I have posted some of my HDRs . They were all done in Photomatix Pro.


Buttermere , Lake Disrtrict







Temple of Piety Fountain's Abbey

The Temple of Piety is the subject of one of the most photographed vistas in the Water Garden.


It was probably started in 1729-30 under John Aislabieís instruction and itís widely thought he intended it

as a dedication to Hercules.

 It is a perfect example of neo-Classicism and was designed as a cool garden house on the shady side of the valley. 

 It was later re-designed as a symbol of filial piety by William Aislabie soon after his father's death in 1742.



 This is Photomatix Version



Next I converted ONE Raw image in Phortoshop to 3 Exposures  EV -2; 0;  & +2 and then combined them in Photomatix





Under exposed by EV -2

Over exposed by EV +2


Combined in Photomatix





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